Chemunicate – Graphical Chemistry Communication

Most of the general public don’t read jargon-filled chemistry research papers. So how can you communicate your research to them in an easy-to-understand but accurate way? An eye-catching graphic can grab a reader’s attention, and convey key information concisely and engagingly. That’s where Chemunicate comes in.

Chemunicate is a paid service that can help create succinct graphical summaries of chemistry research, whether it’s simply a graphical abstract of a particular paper, a poster for a conference, or a graphical summary for a press release. Some exemplar graphics are shown below; the first was created for a study on ocean acidification from the University of Hull, and the second was created for the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre for their study on capturing neon in a metal-organic framework:

Ocean Acidification & Chemical Signalling
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Feedback: “Thanks for a really excellent graphic, it has certainly helped draw attention to the paper.”

Capturing Neon in a Metal-Organic Framework
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Feedback: “The style and layout are superb for an infographic – just what we need to communicate our science to non-specialists.”





Chemunicate’s graphics provide a bridge for those who do not have a background in chemistry, or for those who have a different specialisation to the research in question. They showcase ideas in a clear and accessible way, which will draw the eyes in conferences, faculty exhibitions, meetings, and online. If you’ve got a chemical concept to communicate, but need help creating a graphic to do it, Chemunicate is for you!

It’s simple: send an enquiry using the contact form below, and based on what you want created a quote will be provided. Afterwards, your graphic will be created in the agreed timeframe, with the opportunity for consultation and edits to ensure your satisfaction with the finished article. After that, it’s yours to do with what you will: Take it to a conference, publish it on your research group’s site, stick the design on a mug – whatever you want!

Interested in getting a quote for a graphic or project? Get in contact using the form below! 

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NOTE: Currently Chemunicate is suspended indefinitely. To get in touch about commissions, please contact me here.