Real Time Chem Week Competition

Want a graphic made based on your research? For this year’s Real Time Chem Week, we’re after chemistry researchers who want to explain the everyday applications of their area of research. To enter, all you have to do is write a piece no longer than 500 words, detailing your work and its relevance to non-chemists. Note that it should be written so it’s understandable for an audience of non-scientists!

From the submitted pieces, five will be chosen to have graphics made based on them, and these graphics will then be featured on the Compound Interest site during Real Time Chem Week, which runs from 19th–25th October 2015.

To enter, simply email your entry to realtimechemweek[at] by October 12. Winners will be notified by email the following day. If you’ve any queries about the contest, you can also get in contact via the site’s ‘About & Contact’ page, on the left.