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This Week in Chemistry: The Chemistry Nobel & Writing in Gold in Cells

14-10-12 TWIC

This week, the award of the Nobel prizes, including the Nobel prize in chemistry, has dominated the headlines. However, there’ve been a range of other interesting stories too, including researchers succeeding in writing gold characters inside cells, and the development of a green tea-based anti-cancer drug delivery system. Links to articles and original research papers are provided below, along with a few other notable mentions that didn’t make the graphic.

Links to Featured Stories

Breaking microscope barriers wins Nobel prize: [Article]

New class of fatty acids reduces diabetes in mice: [Article] [Study]

Lasers used to write characters in gold inside cells: [Study]

A green tea-based cancer drug delivery system: [Article] [Study]

DNA moulds used to produce custom nanoparticles: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

Alcohol can affect gut bacteria in some subjects, which can in turn lead to greater incidence of depression, anxiety and alcohol-craving after withdrawal. This suggests a gut-brain link in alcohol dependence, which could lead to new routes for treating the condition. [Study]

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