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This Week in Chemistry – Battery Armour & Removing Fracking Contaminants

14-11-09 TWIC

This week in chemistry has seen an ‘armoured’ battery developed, which could help reduce injury in cases where children accidentally swallow them, as well as a new method for producing aromatic chemicals from lignin. Links to more detailed articles on all of the featured stories are provided below, along with links to the original studies.

Links to Featured Stories

Battery ‘armour’ protects against ingestion damage: [Article] [Study]

Using formic acid to produce aromatics from lignin: [Article] [Study]

Test to link snake bites to specific species developed: [Article]

Alzheimer’s drug passes blood brain barrier: [Article] [Study]

Removing contaminants from fracking waste water: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

New form of polypropylene found: [Article] [Study]

Photolytic splitting of nitrogen as a method for producing ammonia: [Study]

Tampering with mosquito hormones could reduce reproductive success and offer method for tackling malaria: [Study]

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