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This Week in Chemistry – The Smell of Blood, & Ebola Treatment Trials

14-11-16 TWIC

Here’s another edition of the ‘This Week in Chemistry’ feature, providing updates on the latest chemical research, as well as summarising the chemistry stories that have made the news in the past week. The past seven days have seen the chemical behind the metallic odour that lures carnivores to blood identified, as well as the production of the first of a new class of polymers. As always, links to further articles and research papers are available below.

Links to Featured Stories

Chemical essence of blood’s odour pinpointed: [Article] [Study]

Ebola drug trials will commence in December: [Article] [Brincidofovir] [Favipiravir]

Polymer network could conserve historical artefacts: [Article] [Study]

Electrical implants that dissolve in the body: [Article] [Study 1] [Study 2]

Chiral cobalt catalyst leads to new polymer class: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

New blood test offers rapid detection of bacteria in blood: [Article] [Study]

Hydrogen bond images called into question: [Article] [Study]

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