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This Week in Chemistry – Plastic-Eating Worms, & Inhibiting a Cancer Enzyme

14-11-23 TWIC

Here’s this week’s summary of the research making the news in chemistry, including worms that could break down polyethene, a new method for synthesising natural chemicals, and a new silicon allotrope that could help produce more efficient solar cells. As always, links to more detailed articles, and the relevant research papers, are provided below.

Featured Stories

Philae finds organic molecules on comet 67P: [Article]

New silicon allotrope could improve solar cells: [Article] [Study]

New method to produce complex drug molecules: [Article] [Study]

First inhibitor for cancer enzyme developed: [Article] [Study]

Polyethene degraded by plastic-eating worms: [Study]

Notable Mentions

Chemists synthesise a giant molecular spoked wheel, with a formula of C1878H2682, because they can: [Study]

Printing 3D materials with ionic liquids: [Article] [Study]

Increasing electrode stability in photovoltaic cells to allow a year of water splitting: [Article] [Study]

New technique can detect the spin of a single nucleus: [Article] [Study]

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