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This Week in Chemistry: Bulletproof Graphene, & Blu-Ray Solar Panels

14-11-30 TWIC

Here’s this week’s round up of new chemistry research and chemistry stories making the news, including potential new applications for graphene, a new class of anti-malarial compounds, and a conductive clay that could have future applications in batteries. As always, links to both further articles and the original research papers are provided below.

Featured Stories

Graphene could have use in bulletproof armour: [Article] [Study]
Also: graphene allows protons to pass through: [Article] [Study]

DNA can survive heat of re-entry from space: [Article] [Study]

Blu-Ray disc patterns improve solar panel efficiency: [Article] [Study]

New class of antimalarials discovered: [Article] [Study]

Titanium carbide clay as an energy storage medium: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

Single molecular chirality achieved from achiral reactants: [Study]

Super-repellent textured surfaces repel all liquids: [Article] [Study]

Miniaturisation allows over 1500 experiments to be completed in a day: [Article] [Study]




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