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This Week in Chemistry: Rewritable Paper & New Carbon Allotropes

14-12-07 TWIC

Here’s the weekly summary of chemistry research and news, this week featuring stories on the development of rewritable paper using UV sensitive dyes, and the chemical link between obesity and high blood pressure. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below.

Featured Stories

Rewritable paper developed using UV sensitive dyes: [Article] [Study]

Six new allotropes of carbon predicted: [Article] [Study]

Mechanism of human infrared vision uncovered: [Article] [Study]

Leptin link to high blood pressure in obesity: [Article] [Study]

New three minute synthesis of ibuprofen: [Study]

Notable Mentions

Evidence for Earth having a carbon-rich inner core: [Study]

Catalysts from synthetic genetic polymers: [Study]

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