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This Week in Chemistry: Controlling Weight Gain, & Smartphone Gas Detectors

14-12-14 TWIC

Here’s the weekly summary of chemistry research and news, this week featuring stories on the development of a compound which could help prevent weight gain in overweight adults, and confirmation of a new form of ice. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below, as well as links to further stories that didn’t quite make the cut.

Featured Stories

New compound may help control weight gain: [Article] [Study]

Using a smartphone to detect hazardous gases: [Article] [Study]

New artificial skin can sense both heat and touch: [Article] [Study]

Water on Earth unlikely to have come from comets: [Article] [Study]

New form of ice could store carbon dioxide: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

Using magnets to prevent beer foaming: [Article] [Study]

Recycling plastic bottles into cigarette filters: [Article] [Study]

New test can distinguish horse meat from beef: [Article] [Study]

New estimates for the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans: [Article] [Study]

Sensors inspired by spiders can detect human speech: [Article] [Study]

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Those ones that didn’t make the cut, they are all better than the “compound that can control weight gain”. That’s spam folder news.

Well, this is the reason I include the extra ones, as different people will find different things of interest. I found the propionate study of interest, but that’s not to say the ones that didn’t make the graphic aren’t interesting too.

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