This Week In Chemistry

This Week In Chemistry: Methane on Mars, & a Nicotine Patch Alternative

14-12-21 This Week in Chemistry

Here’s the weekly summary of chemistry research and news, this week featuring stories on the discovery of methane ‘burps’ on Mars, a reaction to join alkenes that can be carried out in whiskey, and a potential improvement on nicotine patches for quitting smoking. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below – along with a video of the reaction involving whiskey! Additionally, a few further stories and links are included.

Featured Stories

Ibuprofen boosts lifespans of yeast, worms and flies: [Article] [Study]

Methane ‘burps’ detected on Mars by Curiosity: [Article] [Study]

Cytisine alternative to nicotine patch to quit smoking: [Article] [Study]

Zinc sparks & egg fertilisation: source discovered: [Article] [Study]

New alkene coupling reaction can be run in whiskey: [Article] [Study] [Video]

Notable Mentions

Smartphone microscope attachment allows measurement of DNA molecules: [Article] [Study]

Squid proteins engineered into a bioplastic for bottles & packaging: [Article] [Study]

New 4 hour diagnostic test for bacterial antibiotic resistance: [Article] [Study]

3D printed polymer structures that change colour when stretched: [Article] [Study]

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