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This Week in Chemistry – Increasing Antimicrobial Potency, & a Potential HIV Inhibitor

15-01-04 TWIC v2

Here’s the first ‘This Week in Chemistry’ of 2015, summarising both new chemistry research, and studies that have been in the news. This week’s featured stories include a method for improving the potency of antimicrobials, a new direct method for preparing a class of aromatic polymers, and the detection of red wine pigments in white wine grapes. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below.

Featured Stories

Drug fragments increase potency of antimicrobials: [Article] [Study]

Molecules bind to HIV and prevent replication: [Article] [Study]

Direct method for preparing aromatic polymers: [Article] [Study]

Red wine pigments detected in white wine grapes: [Article] [Study]

Nanoparticles deliver drugs to cancer cell nucleus: [Article] [Study]

Notable Mentions

New drug patented that induces euphoria but reduces urge to drink alcohol: [Article]

Proteins assembled by another protein without genetic instruction: [Article] [Study]

Metal-organic frameworks enable controlled administration of nitric oxide: [Article] [Study]

Synthetic molecules mimic human antibodies: [Article] [Study]

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