This Week In Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry – Greener Lego, & How Roses Produce Their Scent

15-07-05 - This Week In Chemistry

Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features research on how roses produce their scent, a contact lens coating that could help prevent eye infections, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below, as well as further studies of interest not included in the graphic.

Note: links to studies behind a journal paywall are indicated with (£). Studies without this symbol are open access, and can be accessed and read for free.


Featured Stories

Lego plans to replace oil-based plastics: [Article]

Contact lens coating fights eye infections: [Article] [Study (£)]

Rose scent production route uncovered: [Article] [Study (£)]

Peppermint oil capsules punch through bacterial biofilms: [Article] [Study (£)]

Material acts as a conductor and insulator at the same time: [Article] [Study (£)]


Other Stories This Week

Use of lethal injections sedative upheld: [Article]

Snapshots of ultrafast rotating molecules: [Article] [Study]

Mercury acts as a transition metal under high pressure: [Study (£)]

Bioprinted ‘play dough’ could help bone repair: [Article] [Study (£)]

Single hydrogen bonds drastically change fluorescent protein absorption: [Article] [Study (£)]

Iron deposits in rocks originate from bacteria: [Article] [Study (£)]

Copper catalysis activates internal alkenes: [Article] [Study (£)]

EPA’s limits on power plant mercury emission blocked: [Article]

Deeper understanding of what makes fireflies glow: [Article] [Study (£)]

Structure of key HIV protein unravelled: [Article] [Study (£)]

NMR system with the world’s highest magnetic field: [Article] [Study (£)]

Chemical reaction exhibits quantum interference: [Article] [Study]

Hydrogen sulfide superconducts at -70˚C: [Article] [Study]

Reaching rare heterocycles from dicarbonyls: [Article] [Study (£)]

Dopamine restores libido in ageing fruit flies: [Article] [Study]

New, powerful, greener explosive developed: [Article] [Study (£)]

Levitating cells with neodymium magnets: [Article] [Study (£)]

New theory describes how glasses form: [Article] [Study (£)]


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