This Week In Chemistry

This Week in Chemistry – Earthworm Compounds, 2D Tin, & Mussel ‘Glue’ Proteins

15-08-09 - This Week in Chemistry

Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features research on organic compounds on comet 67P, a polymer pill that could allow an entire course of some drugs to be taken in one go, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below, as well as further studies of interest not included in the graphic.

Note: links to studies behind a journal paywall are indicated with (£). Studies without this symbol are open access, and can be accessed and read for free.


Featured Stories

Unique compounds protect earthworms from plant polyphenols: [Article] [Study]

Non-magnetic metals turned into magnets: [Article] [Study]

How mussels prime surfaces to stick to them: [Article] [Study (£)]

First observation of 2D tin, stanene: [Article] [Study]

Sugar suppresses and masks caffeine’s bitter flavour: [Article] [Study (£)]


Other Stories This Week

Viagra amongst adulterants found in dietary supplements: [Article] [Study (£)]

Molecule helps to reverse anaesthesia in fish: [Article] [Study]

Chemical combinations turn skin cells into neurons: [Article] [Study (£)]

Fluorescent probe detects heparin and common contaminant: [Article] [Study]

Lower worker exposure limit for beryllium proposed: [Article]

Efficient circuits with 2D tungsten diselenide: [Article] [Study (£)]

‘Butterfly’ molecules can have phosphorescence colour tuned: [Article] [Study (£)]

First isolation of stable solid-state bismuth radical: [Article] [Study (£)]


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