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This Week in Chemistry – Self-Healing Tyres, & Antibacterial Soap Efficacy

15-09-27 - This Week in Chemistry

Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features research on car tyres that self-heal after punctures and cuts, further evidence that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than normal soap, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below, as well as further studies of interest not included in the graphic.

Note: links to studies behind a journal paywall are indicated with (£). Studies without this symbol are open access, and can be accessed and read for free.


Featured Stories

Antibacterial soap no better than normal soap: [Article] [Study (£)]

Esters distinguish human and animal remains: [Article] [Study]

Soft drink additives could help protect teeth: [Article] [Study]

Creating self-healing rubber for car tyres: [Article] [Study (£)]

Breath sensor helps to detect ovarian cancer: [Article] [Study]


Other Stories This Week

Cell proteins can emerge from heat shock unscathed: [Article] [Study (£)]

Molecular evolution of the African Clawed Frog’s colour vision: [Article] [Study]

Stem cell brain mimics can test chemical toxicity: [Article] [Study (£)]

Pepsi limits caramel colouring chemical in products: [Article]

Enamel-producing proteins may have migrated from fish scales: [Article] [Study (£)]

Different ions give different products with switchable gold catalyst: [Article] [Study (£)]

Compound provides insight into nitrogen fixation process: [Article] [Study (£)]

Compound deactivates C Difficile bacteria toxin: [Article] [Study (£)]

Electrochemical device monitors antibiotic effectiveness: [Article] [Study]

Yeast-filled fibres help clean olive oil waste water: [Article] [Study]

1.7 nanometer ‘wrench’ allows control of nanometer shapes: [Article] [Study (£)]

Alkaline flow battery could aid renewable energy storage: [Article] [Study (£)]

Single layer perovskite sheet could lead to new semiconductor components: [Article] [Study (£)]

Scrap tyres could be recycled for materials for super capacitors: [Article] [Study (£)]

Researchers replicate repudiated Wittig experiment: [Article] [Study (£)]

Transparent coating cools solar cells and increases efficiency: [Article] [Study (£)]

Legendary strong acid finally isolated by researchers: [Article] [Study (£)]


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Unfortunately for the soda…chitosan is ‘animal’ derived and I am sure hell will break loose using ‘animal’ derived ingredients in soda-sad to say.

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