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This Week in Chemistry – An Antibacterial Soap Ban and Zika-Spraying Bee Casualties

16-09-04 This Week in Chemistry

Here’s the weekly summary of both new chemistry research and studies that have been in the news. This week features news on the FDA’s ban on some antibacterial ingredients in soaps, a nanoporous fabric that could lead to cooling clothing, and more. As always, links to further articles and original research papers are provided below.

Note: links to studies behind a journal paywall are indicated with (£). Studies without this symbol are open access, and can be accessed and read for free. 


Featured Stories

FDA bans some antibacterial ingredients in soaps: [Article] [Study]

Nanoporous fabrics can help with keeping cool: [Article] [Study (£)]

Thin layers of water become ice-like at room temperature: [Article] [Study (£)]

Tin material removes technetium from nuclear waste: [Article] [Study (£)]

Millions of honey bees killed by Zika spraying: [Article]


Other Stories This Week

Due to the volume of work I’m currently juggling, I’ve decided that from this point onwards, I’ll only be including links for stories featured in the graphic. As a result of a combination of commissions for graphics and the usual workload of my actual job (for those of you who aren’t aware, I also teach chemistry full-time in a secondary school in the UK), I’m finding myself increasingly pressed for time. I know that other teachers find these weekly summaries very useful, so I don’t want to stop them completely, but I also need to reclaim at least a small amount of my weekend time! Focusing on just featured stories will make the process of putting these together a little quicker.


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I love this page-I have my chemistry students read the articles every week! I think this week you have the links from last week though!

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