#ChemMonthly March 2018: A graphene-based hair dye, lithium-air batteries, and water’s two liquid states

ChemMonthly March 2018
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Here’s the monthly summary of chemistry stories that have hit the news. This month features news on a longer lasting lithium-air battery, an experiment that provides evidence that water may have two liquid states, and more! Larger summary images for each item are provided below, along with links to articles and studies for all the featured stories.

Note: links to studies behind a journal paywall are indicated with (£). Studies without this symbol are open access and can be accessed and read for free. Asterisked studies are free but require logging in to read. 

New record C-C bond

Chemists set new record for C–C bond length: [Article] [Study]

Glowworms unique luciferin

Unique bioluminescent molecule makes glowworms glow: [Article] [Study]

Water liquid states

Experiment boosts theory that water has two liquid states: [Article] [Study (£)]

Lego plants plastic

Lego plants to be made from plant-derived plastic: [Article]

Graphene oxide hair dye

Graphene oxide used in spray-on, 10-minute hair dye: [Article] [Study]

Lithium-air battery

New lithium-air battery lasts for over 700 cycles: [Article] [Study (£)]

Fluorescent sensor catheters

Fluorescent sensor warns of catheter blockages: [Article] [Study (£)]

Deathcap toxin

Chemists synthesise Death Cap mushroom toxin: [Article] [Study (£)]

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