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The Chemistry of Pumpkins – in C&EN

With a week to go until Halloween, it’s time to get carving pumpkins! Before you do, check out this graphic on the chemistry of pumpkins I made for C&EN last year (you can view the full graphic on their site here). Stay tuned for more Halloween-related chemistry over the coming week!

C&EN Medicinal Chemistry

The Chemistry of Cold Medicines – in C&EN

Having been struck down by a cold over the past few days, I was reminded of this old edition of Periodic Graphics that appeared in C&EN last year, which looks at the chemistry of cold medicines. I’m definitely grateful for a number of these right now! Click through to the C&EN site to view the full […]

C&EN Materials Chemistry

Nanotechnology Day & Everyday Uses of Nanotechnology – In C&EN

October 9 is National Nanotechnology Day in the US, as it’s 10/9 in the American date format (and one nanometre is 10–9 metres). This month’s edition of Periodic Graphics in C&EN takes a look at a selection of the nanotechnology that’s already made its way into our everyday lives. Click through to the C&EN site to […]

C&EN Food Chemistry

The Chemistry of Canning – in C&EN

In this month’s installment of Periodic Graphics in C&EN, we’re talking canning chemistry. When you’re canning vegetables and making chutneys, why does the acidity matter, and what’s the importance of temperature in the canning process? This graphic takes a brief look – see the full graphic over on the C&EN site.


ACS Philadelphia: Chemistry Communication (and a Poster Competition!)

If you’ve been following Compound Interest on Twitter, you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Philadelphia at the invitation of C&EN. I thought I’d belatedly write a brief post here summing up the trip, along with a link to the slides I used during […]

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The Chemistry Behind the Russian Doping Scandal – in C&EN

The run-up to the Rio Olympics has been overshadowed by a number of issues, not least of which is the doping scandal surrounding Russian competitors. This month’s Periodic Graphics in C&EN looks at the alleged chemical cocktail that was used to dope Russian athletes at the 2012 London Games and in the 2014 Sochi Winter […]