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The Periodic Table of Elements: Element Name Origins

[Click here to view a larger version of this table] With yesterday’s announcement of the proposed names for the periodic table’s four newest members, the periodic table of elements will soon have a completed seventh period. This graphic, featured in The Conversation, and produced in collaboration with Professor Mark Lorch of the University of Hull, takes […]

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A Periodic Table of Rejected Element Names

Extremium, catium, cyclonium and pandemonium: elements that you won’t find in the periodic table in classrooms and laboratories. However, they’re all names that have been suggested but rejected for elements in years gone by. This table takes a look at some of the different names that have been suggested or used in the past for […]

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The Periodic Table of Oxidation States

There are a whole host of periodic tables out there, and I’ve already added to the pile with a periodic table of data previously. Today’s post is another variation on the theme: a periodic table showing the possible and common oxidation states of every element. I was looking for one of these last week, out […]

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The Periodic Table’s Endangered Elements

We’re all familiar with the periodic table, but the majority of non-chemists probably aren’t familiar with the everyday uses of some of the many elements it contains. Some elements that many haven’t heard of find uses in technologies or applications we take for granted – but the supplies of these elements on Earth are not […]