Everyday Compounds

Six Posters of Common Chemical Molecules

Here’s something a little different for the weekend: a small poster project I’ve been working on for the classroom. I decided it’d be quite cool to have posters showing a variety of common chemical molecules dotted around the room, and, though I’m going to need a few more to complete a full circuit around the […]

Miscellaneous Graphics

Coke & Diet Coke: The Facts and the Fiction

Over the past week, you may well have seen a couple of graphics purporting to explain the effect that drinking a can of Coke or Diet Coke has on your body. They’ve been picked up by a range of online news and media sites, and as a result circulated widely. Unfortunately, although some of the information contained […]

This Week In Chemistry

This Week In Chemistry: Cyanide Clouds & Molecular Microphones

 After a positive reception for the first ‘This Week in Chemistry’ post last weekend, here’s a brief overview of what’s been going on in the world of chemistry this week, including cyanide clouds on Saturn’s moon Titan, the world’s smallest microphone, and how caffeine could help the development of drugs to aid Parkinson’s Disease. Links […]