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Today in Chemistry History: Gertrude B Elion and drug discovery firsts

Today, 23 January, marks the birthday of Gertrude B Elion, a chemist who jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work on drug treatments and the discovery of several drugs used to treat a variety of diseases. This graphic takes a look at some of the key medicines she discovered.

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Combating Chemoresistance: Blocking DNA Repair to Fight Cancer

In 2012, the most recent year for which the information is available, there were 8.2 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. Chemotherapy is a common treatment resort, but it’s by no means a magic bullet, and this is often due to chemoresistance. This latest Chemunicate graphic, made on behalf of Thomas Fleming at the University of Oxford, looks at […]

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A Rough Guide to the IARC’s Carcinogen Classifications

Today’s big news has been the story that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified processed meat (including bacon, ham, and salami) as a Group 1 carcinogen. This places it in the same group as smoking, which has led to a number of headlines claiming that it means the risk from the two is the […]

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This Week in Chemistry: The Chemistry Nobel & Writing in Gold in Cells

This week, the award of the Nobel prizes, including the Nobel prize in chemistry, has dominated the headlines. However, there’ve been a range of other interesting stories too, including researchers succeeding in writing gold characters inside cells, and the development of a green tea-based anti-cancer drug delivery system. Links to articles and original research papers […]

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Everyday Compounds – Aluminium Chlorohydrate

The second in the ‘Everyday Compounds’ series looks at a chemical that the majority of us probably have sitting somewhere in our home. Aluminium chlorohydrate is the active ingredient in many antiperspirants, so how does it work – and why does a casual google search for it bring up a plethora of links with breast […]