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The 2016 Compound Interest Chemistry Advent Calendar

Chemistry Advent 2016

It’s December, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for the Compound Interest Advent Calendar! Due to the amount of work I’m doing at the moment, I’m not doing a complete revamp this year, so you might notice some familiar compounds (plus, there are only a finite number of festive compounds out there!). However, it’s not my intention for it to be an identikit version of last year’s, so do follow along this year too as there’ll be a few bonuses and additional extras along the way!

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Christmas Combustion Chemistry!

Here’s something a little different for the Christmas period! It might be a little late, given Christmas was yesterday, but I did take the opportunity to play around with some chemistry at the Christmas table, and this is the result. Though it certainly doesn’t match the production values of the ACS Reactions or Chemistry in Context videos, hopefully it’s still a bit of entertaining festive chemistry whilst you’re recovering from your Christmas Day exertions!

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Chemistry Advent Calendar 2015 So Far…


As today marks the past halfway point of this year’s Chemistry Advent Calendar, it seemed like a good point to post a reminder of its existence in case it had slipped under anyone’s radar. You’ll have noticed that other new posts have taken a back seat, as the graphics for the calendar have monopolised the time that I haven’t been spending doing marking for my classes!

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