Barbecue Chemistry

The Chemistry of Barbecue – in C&EN

It's reaching that point in the year where warm weekends mean it's time for barbecues out in the sun. Here's a topical graphic, featured last year in C&EN, looking at the chemistry behind barbecuing food, and the compounds behind the smoky taste and flavour. Click here to see the full … Continue reading
The Chemistry of Eggs & Eggshells

The Chemistry of Eggs & Egg Shells

As the chemistry of chocolate is a topic that's been pretty much exhausted on the site (see here, here, here, here, and here), for the Easter weekend we're instead homing in on the 'egg' side of Easter Eggs. For such a simple staple of the kitchen, the chemistry of eggs is surprisingly complex. … Continue reading
Food Chemistry - The Maillard Reaction

Food Chemistry – The Maillard Reaction

There's one chemical reaction that, whether you have an interest in chemistry or not, we all carry out on a regular, maybe even daily, basis. That reaction? The Maillard Reaction. This is a process that takes place whenever you cook a range of foods - it's responsible for the flavours in cooked … Continue reading