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How is alcohol-free beer made?

Infographic on how alcohol-free beer is made. Definitions of alcohol-free beer vary in different countries, with some allowing small amounts of alcohol. Alcohol-free beers can be produced by avoiding fermentation entirely, but this can impact flavour. More common methods include dilution (where a concentrated beer is produced then diluted), dealcoholisation (where alcohol is removed via distillation or membrane filtration) or limiting the production of alcohol (by using specialised yeast or low fermenting temperatures).
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Alcohol-free beer is increasingly popular and sought-after as people become warier of their alcohol intake. A few decades ago alcohol-free beer was a poor imitation, but these days it’s steadily improving and some examples can hold their own compared to the real thing. This graphic takes a look at how alcohol-free beer is defined, the range of ways in which it can be made, and how these methods work.

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