6 December – 1830-1840: Faraday & Dumas

6 December – 1830-1840: Faraday & Dumas

6 – 1830-1840 – Faraday & Dumas

Day 6 of the chemistry advent timeline features one of the best-known scientists of the 1800s, Michael Faraday, as well as another chemist, Jean-Baptiste Dumas, who made contributions to organic chemistry.

Faraday needs no introduction; he made huge contributions to our understanding of electricity and electrochemistry and introduced the electrochemical terms still used today. The Royal Society have an interactive timeline of his scientific career.

Dumas produced various useful methods: one to determine the amount of nitrogen in an organic compound, another to determine atomic and molecular masses. He also made other key contributions to the developing field of organic chemistry.

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