Spotlight Science: Celebrating disabled scientists

Promotional image showing illustrated head shots of the featured scientists along with thumbnail images of the 12 posters in the series.

Disabled scientists are still vastly underrepresented in the sciences. With Enable Science, and with the help of a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Inclusion and Diversity Fund, we’ve produced a series of twelve graphics highlighting the amazing science being done by disabled scientists across the UK. Each poster highlights some of the challenges and accommodations needed to do science alongside being disabled, but also the scientists’ contributions to science.

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Halloween special: The chemistry of candy corn – in C&EN

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Confectioners produce around 9 billion pieces of candy corn every year, according to the US National Confectioners Association, with a significant chunk of this consumed by trick-or-treaters. In the latest edition of Periodic Graphics in C&EN, we look at what candy corn is made of and the chemistry behind its vibrant colours. View the full graphic on the C&EN site.

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