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2606, 2019

What’s your biodegradable coffee cup made of – and how biodegradable is it?

June 26th, 2019|

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Has your local coffee shop recently switched to biodegradable cups? Or maybe your workplace canteen has made the switch to biodegradable cutlery? Perhaps the plastic packaging of your favourite magazine is now a biodegradable wrapper? You might wonder what materials are behind these biodegradable products, and exactly how much better they are for the environment than the materials they’ve replaced. Here, we explore these biodegradable plastics, and how they stack up against conventional ones.


2306, 2019

IYPT 2019 Elements 039: Yttrium: Camera lenses and white LEDs

June 23rd, 2019|

Element 39 in our International Year of the Periodic Table series is yttrium. One of a number of elements discovered in the mines at Ytterby, Sweden, yttrium is found in camera lenses, some mock gemstones, and white LEDs.


2106, 2019

IYPT 2019 Elements 038: Strontium: Glow-in-the-dark paint and reducing tooth sensitivity

June 21st, 2019|

Element 38 in our International Year of the Periodic Table series is strontium. Named after Strontian, a village in Scotland where it was discovered, strontium finds use in glow-in-the-dark paints and in toothpastes.


2006, 2019

IYPT 2019 Elements 037: Rubidium: GPS, solar cells, and locating tumours

June 20th, 2019|

Element 37 in our International Year of the Periodic Table series is rubidium. Used in GPS satellites and in some types of perovskite solar cells, one of its isotopes can also be used to locate and image brain tumours.


1906, 2019

The environmental impact of industrial reactions – in C&EN

June 19th, 2019|

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The chemical industry accounts for about 10% of the world’s energy demand and 7% of its greenhouse gas emissions. This graphic in Chemical & Engineering News takes a look at the top 5 chemical products responsible. Click through to the C&EN site to view the full graphic. […]

1606, 2019

IYPT 2019 Elements 036: Krypton: Lighting, the metre, and nuclear facilities

June 16th, 2019|

Element 36 in our International Year of the Periodic Table series is krypton. Used in high-speed flash photography, krypton also has a link to the definition of the metre and can help detect covert nuclear facilities.