1408, 2018
  • Chemical Concerns – Asbestos

Chemical concerns: the dangers of asbestos

August 14th, 2018|

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Asbestos has been in the news recently, along with the health concerns surrounding it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S. has proposed a framework that opens the door to new uses of asbestos. With many other countries already banning all types of asbestos, what are the risks, and is there cause for concern?


908, 2017
  • Chemical Concerns – Fipronil and the contaminated egg scandal 11-08

Chemical Concerns – Fipronil and the egg contamination scandal

August 9th, 2017|

Over the past few weeks, concern has been growing regarding the contamination of eggs for sale in a number of EU countries with the chemical Fipronil. Currently seven different countries have discovered contaminated eggs, and it has led to large number of eggs being withdrawn from sale. So, what is Fipronil, how has it gotten into eggs, and should consumers be worried?


2401, 2017
  • Chemical Concerns – Does Acrylamide Cause Cancer-

Chemical Concerns – Does Acrylamide in Toast & Roast Potatoes Cause Cancer?

January 24th, 2017|

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Acrylamide has been in the news this week, with the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) warning that eating overcooked potatoes, crisps, or burnt toast could increase your risk of developing cancer. Does this mean you should be consigning your toaster to the trash and avoiding roast potatoes with your roast dinner? This graphic assesses the realities of the risks.


2804, 2015
  • Aspartame - Undeserved Reputation

Undeserved Reputation? Aspartame, The Artificial Sweetener

April 28th, 2015|

Last week, Pepsi announced they will be removing aspartame, the artificial sweetener, from Diet Pepsi (in the US), and replacing it with another artificial sweetener, sucralose. This reignited the discussion on aspartame, probably one of the most maligned substances in fizzy drinks – but what does the science say on its safety? This graphic looks at the evidence behind aspartame’s bad reputation, and whether it makes sense to remove it from drinks.


2508, 2014
  • Undeserved Reputations - MSG

Monosodium Glutamate – An Undeserved Reputation?

August 25th, 2014|

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Monosodium glutamate, or MSG for short, has long been the villain of the food supplement world. In the UK, Chinese takeaways proudly display ‘No MSG’ signs beside their counters, and many websites will purport to tell you ‘the truth about MSG’. Numerous studies have been carried out examining the effects of MSG, but with all the conflicting information, it can be hard for consumers to know who to believe. […]

2207, 2014
  • Undeserved Reputations - Fluoride

Fluoride & Water Fluoridation – An Undeserved Reputation?

July 22nd, 2014|

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This graphic is the first in a series I’m hoping to make on chemicals with potentially undeserved reputations. In it, I’ll look at the evidence and research on each, and try to come to some kind of rational conclusion as to whether or not their bad reputation amongst the general public is deserved. I thought I’d kick things off with one of the most controversial topics, particularly over in the USA: the fluoridation of water supplies.