2911, 2017
  • The Chemistry of Fossilisation

How did ammonite fossils form?

November 29th, 2017|

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If you’ve ever gone combing beaches for ammonite fossils, you might have wondered about the processes which produced them. They can come in a number of shapes and forms, and their appearance can be influenced by the manner in which they were formed. This graphic takes a brief look at some of these processes!


1412, 2016
  • The Chemistry of LED lights and How LED lights work

A Basic Guide to How LED Lights Work

December 14th, 2016|

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Christmas isn’t far off now, and whether you’re celebrating it or not, you’ve may well have started seeing Christmas lights starting to appear adorning houses and Christmas trees. How do these lights actually work, and how can they be made to produce such an array of colours? This graphic takes a look at the chemistry.


1411, 2016
  • C&EN lithium batteries

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Catch Fire – in C&EN

November 14th, 2016|

In this month’s Periodic Graphics in C&EN, we’re looking at the chemistry behind the recent news stories of lithium-ion batteries in some devices catching fire. You can see the full graphic over on the C&EN site. Also, for more lithium battery chemistry, head over to the recent RealTimeChem Week graphic which looked at some ways in […]

3110, 2016
  • RealTimeChem Week – Developing Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

RealTimeChem Week: Developing Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

October 31st, 2016|

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This week (31 Oct – 6 Nov) is #RealTimeChem Week – if you’re a tweeting chemist or chemistry enthusiast, you’ll probably know what that is already, but if you’re not familiar with it check out the FAQ here! Like last year, I’ll be creating graphics showcasing the work of the three winners of the #RealTimeChem week competition I ran earlier in October – hopefully explaining cutting edge research in easily understandable terms!


3009, 2016
  • The Nobel Prize Medals

The Nobel Prize Medals (and How to Make Them Disappear)

September 30th, 2016|

Next week, the winners of this year’s batch of Nobel Prizes will be announced. Every winner receives a Nobel Prize medal, featuring a portrait of the founder of the prizes, Albert Nobel. This graphic takes a look at the composition of these medals – and how chemistry was once used to make them disappear!


2809, 2016
  • A Guide to Acids, Acid Strength, and Concentration

A Guide to Acids, Acid Strength, and Concentration

September 28th, 2016|

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Even if you’re not a chemist, you’ll doubtless remember learning about acids back in school. They’re routinely described as strong or weak, concentrated or dilute. But what’s the difference between a strong acid and a concentrated acid? Explaining that is a little trickier than it sounds; in this graphic, we give it a go!