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Halloween Special: What are our skeletons made of? – in C&EN

Our bones don’t just create the supporting frames for our bodies—they also perform a number of important roles for our health. In the latest edition of Periodic Graphics in Chemical & Engineering News, we look at the materials in bones and what some of them do. View the full graphic on the C&EN site.

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National Blood Donor Month: Blood type compatibilities

January is National Blood Donor Month. If you’ve ever donated blood (or received blood from a donation) then you might have wondered why some types of blood can’t be given to some people. And what is it that makes blood types different anyway? This graphic looks at the compatibilities of different blood types, and below […]

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The Chemistry of The Colours of Blood

Halloween’s almost here, which, for a large number of costumes, will require a liberal dousing of fake blood to complete the look. You probably already have a pretty good idea of the reasons behind the red colouration of human blood that fake blood mimics. However, red is not the only blood colour available – it also […]