C&EN Materials Chemistry

The materials science of cycling – in C&EN

May was National Bike Month, and at the end of June this year’s Tour de France kicks off, so what better time to look at the materials science of cycling? This month’s edition of Periodic Graphics in Chemical & Engineering News looks at the various alloys and polymers used to make bike frames, tires, and […]

Food Chemistry

Faking flavours with chemistry: The science of artificial flavours – in C&EN

For over a century, chemists have made flavour molecules to evoke particular tastes. How do they know which compounds create a particular flavour, and how do they make these molecules? The latest edition of Periodic Graphics in Chemical & Engineering News takes a look. Visit the C&EN site to view the full graphic. View all the […]

Biochemistry C&EN

The chemistry of plant flowering – in C&EN

What causes plants to flower in the springtime, and what is responsible for the range of colours and aromas their bloom produce? In the latest edition of Periodic Graphics in Chemical & Engineering News, we look at the chemicals in play. Visit the C&EN site to view the full graphic.

ChemVsCOVID Coronavirus

#ChemVsCOVID: How did past research help COVID-19 vaccine efforts?

On this day in 2020, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine entered phase 1 trials, making it the first COVID vaccine to do so. This came less than a week after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. How was it possible for this to happen so quickly? The third part of the #ChemVsCOVID series, […]

Women in Chemistry

International Women’s Day: Highlighting 100 women in chemistry

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Over the years, I’ve made a number of graphics highlighting important women in chemistry history. But highlighting and supporting women in chemistry isn’t just about pointing to historical figureheads. So, this year, I wanted to create something that instead focused on women working in chemistry here and now.

Biochemistry ChemVsCOVID Coronavirus

#ChemVsCOVID: How was the spike protein structure identified?

The second part of the #ChemVsCOVID series, produced with the Royal Society of Chemistry, looks at how the structure of the spike protein was determined and how it helped our efforts against the virus.