This latest graphic looks at the elements of Group 6. Unlike with Groups 3, 4 where ‘Crystallogens’ and ‘Icosagens’ are alternative names that are not officially recognised by IUPAC, ‘Chalcogens’ is an IUPAC accepted name for Group 6. Go figure. The ‘ch’ is pronounced as a hard c, like the ‘ch’ in ‘chemistry’, whilst the term chalcogen itself comes from the greek word ‘chalcos‘, and roughly translates as ‘ore-former’.

You can download the high resolution pdf here, and you can also find the infographics for Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 by clicking on the relevant page in the infographics section of the site.

Edit 26-01-2014: fixed omission of tellurium under the list of metalloids in the group. 

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