Group 5 Infographic

The latest of the element infographics looks at the Group 5 elements. They are referred to more commonly as the Nitrogen Group rather than the Pnictogens, although this more archaic name seems to find more use than the archaic names of Groups 3 & 4. There is, once again, an interesting fact that I couldn’t quite fit in, or left out at the expense of others: Bismuth-209 was long thought to have heaviest stable nucleus of any element, until 2003 when it was determined by French scientists that it undergoes alpha decay with a half life of around 1.9×1019 years. To give some context, this is around a billion times longer than the current estimated age of the universe!

As always, the graphic is available to download for free as a high resolution pdf here. The graphics for groups 1-4 are also available from the infographics section of the site.

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