Group 8 Graphic

Getting towards the end of this particular series of infographics now – whilst this graphic completes the overview of specific groups, there are still graphics on the transition metals, lanthanides and actinides to come. The noble gases are one of the better known groups of elements in the Periodic Table, and whilst some of their applications are obvious, such as the use of helium in balloons, others, such as the use of xenon in medical imaging and as a neuroprotector, or the use of helium as a carrier gas in gas chromatography, are a little more obscure. You can view a more in depth explanation of the application of xenon in medical imaging in the RI’s short video from last year’s Chemistry Advent Calendar.

You can download the free high resolution pdf here, and view and download the graphics for the previous groups by navigating to the infographics section of the site.

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