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Six Posters of Common Chemical Molecules

6 Chemical Molecule Posters

Here’s something a little different for the weekend: a small poster project I’ve been working on for the classroom. I decided it’d be quite cool to have posters showing a variety of common chemical molecules dotted around the room, and, though I’m going to need a few more to complete a full circuit around the lab, here are the ones I’ve got so far.

All of these are already up for sale as posters on the site’s Redbubble store, and I’ll be adding some of them as other products too (a mug for caffeine being the obvious extra option!). If there’s a particular molecule that you’re after that isn’t one of these six, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!

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14 replies on “Six Posters of Common Chemical Molecules”

Oh, these are awesome! May I suggest serotonin and oxytocin as well?

I work in a forensics lab; if you don’t object to including controlled substances, how about THC, cocaine, and/or heroin?

Thanks for the suggestions! I actually did serotonin as part of a small series on neurotransmitters a little while back – not to say it couldn’t be included here too. Controlled substances also a possibility, though maybe not for putting around my secondary school teaching lab 🙂

How about ethanol and/or humulone for the beer lovers? They’d look good on a pint glass as well!

Might I suggest TNT and trichloroisocyanuric acid? Good symmetries. My students were intrigued by H3BO3 when I made a model the other day.
Urea would be a sensible one. As would lactic acid. Significant biological roles for both.
For foods, maybe vanilin?

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