2507, 2017
  • 07-25 – Rosalind Franklin's Birthday 2018

Today in Chemistry History – Rosalind Franklin and the structure of DNA

July 25th, 2017|

Rosalind Franklin was born on this day in 1920. Her contributions to the discovery of the structure of DNA were key; she took photos of DNA’s structure using X-ray crystallography, and it was these photos which informed the work of Watson and Crick’s model of DNA’s structure. Sadly her contributions were not fully recognised until after her death, and she did not share in the award of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA’s structure as the prize is not awarded posthumously.


703, 2017
  • Women in chemistry history

International Women’s Day: Twelve Famous Female Chemists

March 7th, 2017|

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March 8 is International Women’s Day. To mark the occasion, here’s a graphic which takes a quick look at a selection of pioneering female chemists! Click the above image to enlarge and learn more about each of the chemists featured, or download the PDF poster below.


2802, 2017
  • 02-28 Linus Pauling's Birthday

Today in Chemistry History – Linus Pauling and Electronegativity

February 28th, 2017|

Today, February 28, marks the birthday of Linus Pauling. For chemists Pauling likely needs no introduction; he’s famed for his work on the nature of chemical bonds and also on the structures of biological molecules. Here we take a brief look at one aspect of his work to which he lent his name: the Pauling electronegativity scale.


1310, 2016
  • The History of the Atom: Theories and Models

The History of the Atom – Theories and Models

October 13th, 2016|

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All matter is made up of atoms. This is something we now take as a given, and one of the things you learn right back at the beginning of high school or secondary school chemistry classes. Despite this, our ideas about what an atom is are surprisingly recent: as little as one hundred years ago, scientists were still debating what exactly an atom looked like. This graphic takes a look at the key models proposed for the atom, and how they changed over time.


609, 2016
  • 09-06 – John Dalton's Chemical Symbols

Today in Chemistry History – John Dalton’s Birthday and His Chemical Symbols

September 6th, 2016|

Two hundred and fifty years ago today, John Dalton was born in the small town of Eaglesfield, Cumbria, in England. Though his background was entirely unassuming, he would go on to take pioneering steps in developing our ideas about elements and atoms, as well as making the first attempt at devising a symbol-based nomenclature for the elements. Here we take a brief look at his life and achievements.


3008, 2016
  • 08-30 – Ernest Rutherford's Birthday

Today in Chemistry History – Ernest Rutherford’s Birthday

August 30th, 2016|

Today, 30 August, marks the birthday of Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford is primarily considered a physicist, but his contribution to our understanding of the atom is also important to chemistry. He was also a chemistry Nobel Prize winner, for his work on radioactivity. This graphic looks in detail at one of his most famous experiments, the gold foil experiment which is often name-dropped in school science lessons!