02-16 – The Kyoto ProtocolOn this day back in 2005, the world’s first legally-binding climate change agreement came into force. The Kyoto protocol, to which 192 countries are a party, aimed to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases by 5.2% by 2012, relative to 1990. This graphic gives a brief overview of the agreement and the outcome of its first period.

Overall, the protocol is seen as something of a mixed success. 38 countries with binding targets were collectively (though not always individually) able to meet them. However, the lack of binding targets for China and India, combined with the non-participation of the United States, meant that overall global greenhouse gas emissions still rose during the first period of the protocol.

There’s a closer look at the outcomes of the Kyoto protocol here. A study in 2016 also took a look at the compliance of parties to the Kyoto protocol in its first period.





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