Content Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines explain how you can use the graphics posted on the site:

The graphics are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licence. This means they can be freely shared as long as a few conditions are met.

Firstly, they must remain unaltered – this includes the cropping off of watermarks/credit on the graphics, or cropping out other parts of the graphic. Secondly, they cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior permission. Finally, attribution to Compound Interest must be given clearly when re-sharing the graphics, and the attribution should also include a link back to the post containing the graphic.

Of course! Free PDF downloads of the graphics are provided so that they can be downloaded and printed, which is permissable under the terms of educational use. If you’re not sure if your use of the graphics would fall under educational use, please just ask via the site’s contact page.

Translations fall under the heading of alterations to the graphics. I am happy to help out with the creation of translated versions of graphics where time allows, but you must contact me via the site’s contact page to request permission before creating any translations. I don’t share the original files for the graphics, but I can edit these files and export translated versions in order to ensure any translations are of a comparable quality to the original graphic. See the Translations page on the site for more details.

Note: Due to my current workload I’m not working on translations except on a commissioned basis.

No, as this would violate the Creative Commons no derivatives license the graphics are shared under. This includes creating your own translations for the graphics without prior permission.
Whilst the graphics are shared under a the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence, this does not apply to the articles that accompany the graphics. These articles are the copyright of Andy Brunning & Compound Interest, and cannot be posted in their entirety elsewhere without prior written permission. It is, however, permissible for you to quote parts of the article in your own articles, when attribution is given. It is not permissible for you to translate full articles and post them on your own website, unless prior permission has been requested and granted – this is on an article-by-article basis.
The copyright to the graphics and articles on the site belongs to the creator, Andy Brunning. All graphics were created outside of my employment for the original purpose of posting on this site.