Periodic Table of Element Cards

Click on the element’s symbol in the Periodic Table below to learn more about that element. Note: the image map below may not function correctly in some browsers or on mobiles. Links to the individual elements are also provided below!

Elements Cards Index (1)

| 12 – Magnesium | 14 – Silicon | 16 – Sulfur | 27 – Cobalt | 28 – Nickel29 – Copper | 30 – Zinc | 35 – Bromine51 – Antimony | 79 – Gold | 82 – Lead | 83 – Bismuth |

Note that zinc, cadmium, and mercury are technically not transition metals, as they do not fit the definition, but are grouped with the transition metals here for convenience.

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Cobalt Copper Zinc Silicon Antimony Sulfur Magnesium Nickel Bromine Gold Lead Bismuth
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