Herbs & Spices Compounds - Molecular Formula
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Here’s a second version of the herbs & spices compounds graphic (original version here). If you prefer your compounds represented by their molecular formulae rather than their skeletal formulae, then this one’s for you.

Whilst I quite like the previous version, I do like the fact that this allows you to see how different isomers of the same molecular formula can show big differences in terms of the flavour or aroma they impart. For example, anethole (anise), cuminaldehyde (cumin), and estragole (basil & tarragon) all have the same molecular formula, but the differences in the functional groups present in these molecules clearly has a large impact on their characteristics. Obviously, there’s also the fact that the different herbs/spices will have varying other compounds mixed in with these particular compounds as well!

Both this poster and the original with the structures of the compounds are now available to purchase on the site store. Working on stickers for spice jars as well!

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