We’re now 16 periodic tables into this year’s #ChemistryAdvent – as you’ll be fully aware if you’ve been following along! A whole range of topics have been covered so far – from a breakdown of elements in the human body to a rundown of some rejected element names.

Some of my favourites so far have included the very first entry, looking at when elements were discovered and the nationalities of their discoverers, a periodic table looking at the major application of each element, and a table looking at the ores and raw materials that elements are extracted from.

If you’ve not been following along so far, there’s still time to do so for the last few days. You can find the #ChemistryAdvent homepage here.

Finally, you’ll have probably noticed there have been a few issues with the site recently, with quite a bit of downtime and an impromptu appearance change. This wasn’t exactly by choice, but a result of issues with some site updates and its hosting. I’m currently looking into options for redesigning and hosting the site elsewhere to improve the site’s uptime and accessibility, so hopefully, there’ll be improvements in the new year!